An Explanation of the Job of a C-Level Recruiter

C level recruiters

C-level jobs are the top executive positions in a company, the people who occupy such positions being high-profile professionals who need special treatment during the recruiting process. The vacancies at these top levels also need special treatment and many companies are aware of the importance of finding the best talent for their leadership positions decide to outsource the process to specialists called C-level recruiters. These specialists are human resource experts familiar with the special requirements of the process of recruiting C-level employees and who also have extensive knowledge of the industries for which they are recruiting. Here are some more things to know about C-level recruiters and C-level recruiting.

What are C-level Positions?

The C in the term comes from Chief – the term used in the names of most leadership positions, such as Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer. C-level employees are among the most important and most influential people in any organization, leaders, directors and managers in charge of the most important processes in the company, who make critical decisions for a living and therefore have the highest salaries as well. C-level employees are usually highly trained and they also have long experience in their jobs.

How Does C-level Recruiting Work?

C-level recruiting is in many ways similar to the recruitment processes used for other types of employees, but it also has some unique features. As most great candidates are not actively searching for a job or, if they do, they do not spend long on the job market, the C-level recruiting process usually involves searching for the right candidate proactively, among people who are currently employed. To be able to find such talent, C level recruiters need to make use of their in-depth knowledge of the industry that they are recruiting for, of their knowledge of the companies in the industry as well as of their personal contact with important people in the industry. C-level recruiters also need to how to put together a realistic and, at the same time, attractive offer to the C-level talent they want to approach, which means that they need in-depth knowledge of many aspect related to the payments practiced in the specific industry and the career opportunities that a specific role offers.

What Does a C-level Recruiter Do?

C-level recruiters fulfill the role of point of contact between the company that needs candidates for its vacant C-level positions and the people who could be suitable for the positions. The recruiter will approach candidates who are seeking for a job as well as people who are employed, informing them about the C-level job opening. The recruiter will pre-screen the candidates during preliminary interviews and will share only the information that the hiring company allows for. At a certain point, the process is taken over by the hiring company as the final decision about the candidate to employ will be made by the key decision makers in the hiring company.

How Much Can C-level Recruiters Earn?

C-level recruiters are usually well-paid, the average salary for the job ranging between $80,000 and $115,000. Their payment can vary depending on their qualifications, their experience, the number of years spent in the field as well as on their additional skills and certifications.