How to Throw a Successful Hot Tub Party

Once word is out that you’ve got yourself a hot tub, your friends will be curious to see it and – why not – try it. And the best thing you can do to inaugurate the new addition to your home is to throw a hot tub party.

For many people, hot tub parties have become the most relaxing and cool way to get together with friends and spend quality time. After all, you don’t get to go to the beach or the spa as often as you’d want to. In this way, you can imagine that you are taking your friends on an exotic holiday, where everything is sunny, warm and pleasant.

A Successful Hot Tub Party Needs Careful Preparations

If you are about to throw your first hot tub party, you might feel confused about the preparations you need to make. This is not your regular Sunday afternoon lunch party, when all you have to do is order some catered food and arrange it on the patio or porch.

But do not panic. After you will finish reading this article, you will know exactly what you need to do. So, without further delays, let’s get your hot tub party started!

  1. Consider the Number of Participants

Although you would love to bring all your friends together, you must assess realistically how many people can comfortably fit inside your hot tub. And by comfortable, we mean that each person should have some personal space around them, to freely move their arms and legs.

A crowded hot tub is never fun, and you cannot expect some of your friends to sit outside the hot tub and wait for their turn to get in. Instead, plan a series of hot tub parties with different groups of friends, until everyone had the chance to attend. That should keep you busy for some time!

  1. Designate Places Where People Can Change into Bathing Suits

No matter how small your house is, you should have two rooms appointed as changing rooms – one for men and one for women. If you want to ensure no mishaps happen, create funny and colorful self-adhesive labels and place them on the doors of the respective rooms.

You should be prepared to offer each guest at least one large towel (for the body) and one small one (for the face and hair). If you want to be a super host for your hot bath party, also provide bathrobes for everyone.

  1. Finger Food Rules No one is skilled enough to handle a plate and cutlery in a hot tub. Plus, any morsel of food falling inside will clog the filters. For this reason, you should stick to canapés, finger food and small snacks that people can pick and eat with their bare hands.

However, you can compensate for this with a wide choice of refreshing and delicious cocktails and fruit bowls.

  1. Make a Good Selection of Music

What is a party without music? However, for a hot tub party, where no one is really expected to dance, the music selection must provide a pleasant background. Do not turn it up too loud to drown the conversation – or to upset the neighbors. Go for timeless classic tunes and spice them up with a few songs from recent top charts.

So now that you know how easy it is to throw a hot tub party, imagine the fun you will have. Find hot tubs for sale from retailers for the best selection and customer service. And get your party going!

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