Planning Your Next Trip to Italy? Here’s What You Need to Know

A very interesting piece of information about Italy is that travel and leisure trips are a fast growing industry here, making this beautiful land the fifth highest rated country in tourism. People who visit Italy’s attractions cannot forget admiring the most breathtaking and majestic monuments like the Pantheon, Pisa’s Leaning Tower, Milan Cathedral, Villa or Florence Cathedral.

An Introduction to Italy

The country has beautiful landscapes, with majestic mountains, beautiful hilly regions, exquisite beaches and a great number of rivers and lakes. The weather here is pleasant for tourists no matter the time of the year, as the winter season is mild, with warm regions in the south and colder temperatures and snow in the Alps (perfect for skiing), while summer time is gentle and welcoming too. Only Italy’s lowland regions have hotter summers.

Other than its visual attractions, Italy is well known for its soccer team, one of the most successful on the planet. It is also renowned for delightful polenta, rice, lasagna, focaccia, pizza and gelato. In their culture, coffee is the most important drink served next to the meal.

People wishing to visit Italy can use the country’s tourist guides and maps that give all the information regarding the access points and routes, currency, precautionary measures and any other info a traveler might need to know. Travel alerts are also available to prevent any threats and risks for those embarking on large or small group tours Italy hosts. This is especially useful during the peak seasons, with a massive influx of tourists and clogged traffic in the most agglomerated regions of the country.

Places You Should Consider Visiting

Aside from regular holiday locations, there are many exciting places to visit all over Italy, even if their tourist afflux is nothing in comparison to the big cities. Here we can list Marina Grande, a beach town on the northern shore of the Isle of Capri, which provides its visitors soothing bungalows close to the Mediterranean Sea to ease all the stress that piled up throughout the year.

Another exciting area is Civita di Bagnoregio, a suburb of the Bagnoregio  commune, located on a hill. This great location provides its visitors with an amazing view of the cities and valleys around it. If you are passionate about outdoor experiences, these two are the ideal places:

  • Riomaggiore, a town in the popular Cinque Terre, is an excellent spot for camping.
  • Bolanzo, situated in the Dolomites, represents a great destination for outside activity lovers who enjoy hiking or climbing steep terrains.

If you intend to remain for a while, you may take into consideration going to the carnival held in Viareggio, known all over the world for its incredible puppets. Another attraction is the jazz festival from Pescara, Europe’s leading jazz show event. There you will discover more about Italy’s vast culture and enjoy an atmosphere difficult to find anywhere else.

If you’re not sure about how you should plan your itinerary, you can always contact a specialized company that organizes small group tours of Italy and ask them about the best solution to see at least some of the attractions mentioned here.