What to Expect from Driver’s Education Classes: Your Very First Lesson

Driver Education Classes

Driver’s ed. classes can be confusing and a lot will happen at first that you might not be ready for. But once you get through your first Denver driving school session, you might find the experience to be more than worthwhile, and even fun, despite the fact that it could seem stressful in the beginning.


A lot of a new driver’s confidence will depend on that first lesson. So if you want things to go all right, make sure you check out the information below to be as ready as possible for your first driver’s education class.


Preparing for Your First Driving Lesson


Although the first lesson will mainly cover the basics, it’s essential to take the time to prepare as well as possible for the first time you’ll be driving a car. Being rested and focused and making a good first impression will be very important. So, be sure to get enough sleep, avoid drinking the night before, and prepare one of your best outfits. Also, choose a pair of comfortable, non-slip shoes so you can be sure you’ll have ideal access to the brake and gas pedal.


It’s very important to have a healthy breakfast before you get going, and to keep in mind all the necessary details, such as your glasses – if you wear them – as well as the note that you wrote the time your instructor will be picking you up, and of course, your provisional driver’s license.


The start will involve your driving instructor arriving with the car, picking you up, and taking you to a peaceful location where you can get started. The best is yet to come at this point, but the good thing is you can still get accustomed to the car while riding in the passenger seat.


Your Driver’s Seat and Controls


Knowing what to expect from driver’s education classes can be a great advantage. It will give you some foreknowledge about the structure of the class and present you with a quick overview of what skills you’ll be expected to use at first.


Your first lesson will begin as soon as the instructor stops the car and invites you to sit in the driver’s seat. The first part will involve learning about the seat, the dashboard and the various controls that you’ll have access to. You’ll learn how to adjust the seat and rearview mirrors to your comfort level, as well as how to put your seat belt on, close the doors, establish the steering position, signal and, finally, start the car.


It’s Time to Drive!


As expected, the cockpit drill will only be the start of the exercise. As you start the car, you’ll realize there’s a whole other world waiting for you out on the road.


During this time you’ll learn more about how to use your gears properly and move around slowly, as well as how to check your mirrors and blind spot, steer correctly, and stop the car safely. You’ll also cover a few simple topics about driving and changing gears while staying focused, and you’ll learn a few basic maneuvers such as the curb side parking maneuver.